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Christmas for Old Brown Shoe.

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Thanks to my thoughtful wife. My Christmas present arrived today. A new stock, for Old Brown Shoe.
I had to open it, to make sure it wasn't damaged during shipping. ;)

Made buy one of our members, Larry Jennings. ( Nice work Larry ).
I boxed it back up, until Christmas. I'll get it together after the new year.
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o my! That certainly beats the lump of coal I'm getting! :eek:
WOW! That is outstanding work. You are having a Great Christmas this year. I hope you got the wife something really nice...

Man, you can even keep the same name. Fits that one even better.

Major WOW factor!!!

You better learn how to shoot so you won't embarrass your self by looking like you should be in first place but have cards that look like shotgun practice. :D

J/K... :D

On the other hand, you do have a lot of expectations build up upon arrival now. Hope you can handle that kind of pressure. :D
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