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I saw the cutest little thing this morning. I was at the range this morning when a man showed up with a Chipmunk that his father-in-law had made a full length Mannlicker (sp.?) style stock for. It had never been fired and he wanted to try it out. It was sporting a little 1/2" scope.
Well he sat down and shot a few rounds through it and they landed all over a note book sized sheet of paper. My heart kind of sank cause I had been wondering just how these things shot.
He offered to let me shoot it and naturally I took him up on it. I got him to let me clean the barrel first and then I proceeded to shoot some CCI Mini-Mags I had run through one of Paco's Accurizers. Low and behold there were 5 tiny holes and you could cover all of them with a dime. This was at 50 yds. The darn thing out shot my CZ American that I have been tweeking on for some time, and the trigger was terrible on it. Not to mention the 7x 1/2" scope. I had to leave after that one group but I got the guys name and phone number and I will find out if it will do that consistantly. If so I may just have to build one. Just wish they came with a clip.
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Kestone Arms

I got my son a Keystone Arms Davey Crickett rifle. Same action as the Chipmonk. It is very accurate. I have a red dot site on it and can shoot golf balls as far as I can see them. Accurate enough for me and my son.
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