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Chief says :

Yes : your 77 can and will definately like about any improvements you can offer it.
Despite what others might say, its a factory production gun.
Production guns are just that =- mass produced.

Now if you wish your sweet 17HMR , TO SHOOT ITS BEST.
YOU must do a few minor things to help it.

1. TRIGGER . the factory trigger is decent , but not excellent.
I reccommend replacing just the sear. no polishing nothin.
just a drop in sear from Brownells. safe, easy, perfection.

2. Stock work. TRY= the dollar bill test. Try slidiing a dollar
bill fron the forearm front toward the rear. It should freely slide
all the way to the front lug ( action screw) . if not = there is
pressure put on the barrel. this must be relieved (floated out)
before optimal accuracy can be achieved.

FULL FLOAT or ramped = IF there is no pressure points touching the barrel , fold a couple of business cards and insert
them between the barrel and forearm. test fire the rifle.
This will show if you need to ramp=pad the forearm to barrel
relationship. (cures or starts vertucal stringing).

lastly - anything you do to the factory setup stock , be it floating or bedding of the barrel or action , if done correctly , will show
a vast improvement over the sloppy fit from the factory.

If you need help = Chief is just an Email away. and can send you
step by step instructions and pics - to help your 77 shoot better.

1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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