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Chief Dave i need your help.
My dad wont let me do any thing with my stock 77/17. Well its not exactly mine cause im only 16 and i got it for my birthday but i am the only one who really shoots it. My dad wont let me do anything no free floating the barrel, no glass bedding the stock, and no trigger job. There was an exeptionally big no on the free floating part. See my dad thinks he knows stuff about guns but he obviously doesnt cause he thinks these changes are gonna ruin the gun and make it less accurate (go figure!!). My gun is just asking to be free floated all the signs stringing groups poi changing and its not from heat cause i shoot my groups slow. Could you just explain why and how free floating affects accuracyand perhaps touch on glass bedding and trigger jobs. Use big fancy words cause when i show him itll impress him!:D He wont listen to me so i figure if a competent gunsmith like your self explains it, it will steer him in the right direction.

All input from others are welcome (as long as your supporting my cause). The more people sayn it the better!!:D :D

Thanks Pete
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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