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Was that one of my shims?

Was that a shim I supplied with a barrel spacer (washer) ?

The problem might have been that I grind these into a wedge-shape before sending them because the barrel needs to be canted, or rotated about 30 degrees because the extractor groove on a 77/17 barrel is in a dfferent location than on a 10/22 mag barrel. The first time I assembled mine, the bolt wouldn't shut right because the extractor kept hanging up. Once I rotated the barrel a little, this problem went away.

My fix was the angled shim. The way to do this properly is to insert the shim, set the v-block in place (without tightening it) then slowly rotate the barrel until the v-block rests flat. That indexes the extractor groove properly.

Hope that helps!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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