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Chief Dave, I need help........

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Chief Dave,
I just got a Tasco Custom Shop # CU840x56M scope for my 10-17.
What rings do I need for this scope with BC flip ups?
10-17 = mag action, GM 77-17 bbl, "CD" washer by Artifex...
Thanks for the plans and the help.
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Chief says : Mine is on a Volquartsen action .
10X50X56 30mm tube , so I use x -high weaver rings.

is your tube 1" or 30 mm.?

Its 30MM, I'll check around town ( Anchorage, AK ) tomorrow and see if I can find some 30mm ex tall ruger rings, but I think its going to be like trying to find a case of 17 aguila ammo, going to have to order em and wait for ever. :rolleyes:

Chief says : I know Millett makes a set of x-highs for the
30mm tube. the measurement is .710 from the bottom of
the scope to the bottom of the ring base.

If you cant find a set , let me know . I can send you mine.

opps! That wont work , mine are fer 1" tube.
I'll check with brownells.
Extra High Rings

You can also get extra high 30mm rings from Leupold or get the Burris Ruger to Weaver Adapter's and use 30mm Weaver rings.
Thanks Chief / Ted

Home town is a washout, but Brownells comes through. That is if the passenger pigeon makes it through canada with out getting stopped at the border, shot by some 17 shooter that has found ammo or they don't eat the snail that carries the mail (no flame intended). The last priority pkg took 32 days to get here.
Fortunately, I have no need of any additional rings right now. Otherwise, I just might lay out on the roof, since the pigeon has to fly right over my place to get to yours!

1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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