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Chicken Hunting [Long, but funny] true

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I read this in another forum....true story

NOW let me tell you a story about a wiry lil cheeken. For the most part I was using CCI mini-mag HPs. (Good stuff, really like em) Shot 5 roosters, and trying to keelhaul the last one. Hit it enough to make it limp, and hole up in the shed behind some scrap wood. So I flush it out, and proceed to chase the dang thing around for a while. Since there were 3 new kids(baby goats) and a dozen or so chickens in pens, not to mention the normal cats in the shed I decided to use some CB longs and not get them too upset. I peek around the back of the barn and here comes this rooster a squawkin and runnin fer his life... until he spies me, so I chamber a round, line up the sights real good, utilize the principles of marksmanship (kinda) squeeeeeeze the trigger...ptthhhhhhht.....thud. Feathers fly, the cheeken squawks, and takes a step. Try it again. same deal. well 3 or four rounds later I determine that this ole bird is half cat. So I switch back over to the maxi mags, but the bird is too dang smart. He runs off to places unknown. Never saw him for the rest of the night. THE NEXT MORNING hes back in the coop but on his toes. I ended up chasing this dang blasted cheeken out to the main road, where the $%# *)@(* &&)[email protected] (*[email protected]#(* thing hopped in the drainage ditch. I see this little red comb popping up and down as he pokes his head up to see where I am. Well I get within 10 yards or so and the SOB takes off running down the ditch. Picture this. A 10-12" deep ditch running parallel to a county road, and a little red comb of a rooster (nothing else is visible) zooming down the thing at the speed of heat, and me chasing it! He ended up running out of ditch and stopped long enought for me to shoot him thought the body cavity and break one leg. This cheeken was a beast. He must have been an R.I. @ Benning or something cuz the **** thing starts hopping off. By this time Im out of ammo, out of breath, and Pi$$ed off at this chicken, and seriuosly considering using my mod 60 as a club. I ended up chasing the thing back through the woods and beating it to death with a limb! Im glad no one saw me doing all of this, cuz when I told my mom she nearly wet herself. In the end I was humiliated by a lowly, but oh so wiry cheeken.

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Thats pretty funny Sid  ;D
We used to catch them and wack their heads off and watch them run around bumping into each other.....tough little buggers
Re: funny stuff

The storys are funny :D. I remeber when I was little watching friends of my dads kill gut and pluck chickens. I remeber them using a golf club (a driver) one yell of "four" and whack to the back of the head. That usually did the job.
I remeber them cutting a head off just so i could see and dropping the body along with one other one and they ran for aout 10 seconds in circles and both tipped over on there sides and stopped moving. :-/ I didnt know about that. ::) Then some time later, I watched my father and an uncle procide to decide they needed to butcher the only hog that my uncle had.
Me sitting on the top of a gate, had just watched my dad shoot this thing 4 times rather close less then two feet in the head with a .22lr. and it was still alive. Me bawling my eyes out cuase this thing was not happy, and then my dad finished it with a .280 bullet. Then I stopped crying.
you guys need to check out this web site.........  

:eek: ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D :p ;D ;D ;D ;)
[glow=red,2,300]Funny Stuff!!!![/glow]
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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