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Saw this on www.shotshowreports.com:

The 617 is a .22 LR, this conversion allows you to convert it to the new .17 HMR. Bill uses the proven Dan Wesson method of swapping the barrels. He takes your gun, unscrews the barrel and reams it out to make a sleeve. He also adds things that allow the sleeve to be properly indexed each time. He makes two air gauge barrels, one in each .22 and .17 HMR. The threads match the threads in the frame and the barrel is screwed down on the cylinder for proper clearance. You are also provided with a new cylinder. With a precise cylinder/barrel gap and a tensioned air gauge match barrel this revolver is extremely accurate. So accurate that it gives a Hammerli a run for its money at 25 yards. Yep, this particular gun is capable of sub-caliber groups. Best thing is the price. Cylinder and Slide is working on pricing on this conversion, but it is looking good. They are trying to offer this for $395 on your gun!!!
"Bill" is Bill Laughridge of Cylinder & Slide.

The 6" 617 is high on my "need to get" list - now, I think it'll be next!

Edit: D'oh! I think I should have put this in the S&W forum. Oh well...
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