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Cheap plinking fodder???

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I dropped by my local Dicks store the other day with the intention of picking up a brick of Federal Bulk mostly for use in my buckmark. Lil' Skippy behind the counter said that they were out and not sure if they were going to get any more.:mad: He did however offer up a new item that is the same price... Winchester Dynapoint GT... Its worth a shot. Today at the range I started off with my CZ 452... NOT BAD FOR CHEAP FODDER!!!:)

Almost forgot... groups are 5 shots @ 50 yards
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Plinkin' Fodder

That's not too shabby, friend.

Is that a 500 round bulk pack? How much is it?

If it was me shooting like that - I would have to blame it on the rifle.

Nicely done on two counts. Buyin' and shootin':bthumb:

Thom T

I will have to check out the Dick's here in Vegas
for that Winchester stuff.
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