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Charging Handle

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Does anyone know of an after market charging handle ( other than Power Custom) for the 10/22? I haven't seen any other than PC's. I have one and like it better than stock, especially wearing gloves, but $50.00 is pretty steep. I was hoping to find one about halfway between the size of the PC and the Ruger handles, but no such luck.
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ummmmm...whatya wearin' gloves for in Texas? :confused:

:D :p

Switch out your rod/spring!


$11.00 from Ruger.
Thanks Ski

I didn't say so, but I had wondered if the handles would interchange. That's a lot cheaper too.

Rimfire Junkie
It does get pretty cold here at times too, just doesn't stay that way as long as up north. Also my hands are fairly large so a little bigger handle is easier to use even without gloves.

cut the end off the MAG rod and use the MAG spring to get a little extra velocity out of high and hyper velocity ammo
....a little extra velocity.....

.....and use the MAG spring to get a little extra velocity out of high and hyper velocity ammo.
Care to expain just how this works.....? ? ? :confused: :rolleyes:
Yea I would like to know as well, I thought the mag spring would just give faster cycle time?
I'm guessing, if it works that the reason would be a slower/delayed blowback time on the bolt, creating a bit more breech pressure on the bullet.

Sounds perfectly feasable to me, but just how much, ...if any,.... is open to debate..

Trying to recall figures I've seen, but it seems like the difference between a semi- auto and a bolt action is somewhere around 50 fps. If that is accurate, I doubt any gains from using a magnum spring would be worth writing home about...

I can't believe it could amount to more than 5 fps or so max...

Sounds like a good way to introduce

a little more aggravation into your
life to me.

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