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what color metal would you put in a pink laminate stock

  • purple

    Votes: 2 40.0%
  • silver

    Votes: 3 60.0%
  • matte Black

    Votes: 0 0.0%

Charger type mare's leg Frankenthing

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I've been thinking of finishing up another one of my 80% receivers, and making a Charger'ish thing with it...might be a fun gun to be carrying across the handle bars of the mini bikes during our family desert excursions

since I've already got the usual bits and pieces left in the 10/22 parts box, a few unfinished receivers...and one of the kids recently gave up a pink Compact laminate stock, that I could easily be talked into sacrificing to make a mare's leg sorta' thing..

if the butt of this stock was chopped off about an inch back from the pistol grip, how do you think it would look with a TI receiver/trigger housing/rings, a KIDD 10 inch barrel and some type of pistol scope or a rds

I've still got a purple, a silver, and a matte black set of receiver/trigger housing/rings that could be used in this stock

...I'm sure the girls in our family would love it, if I made this one purple with the pink stock...they're big My Little Pony fans...

when I built the rifles for the kids originally, their choices were the pink stocks with silver (both girls), and the purple stocks with black (2 boys, 1 boy, the youngest, went purple on purple with a black barrel and scope), but I don't know...what do you guys think??

I don't have any pistol barrels in my parts stash, so any suggestions there would be good too...I was just thinking KIDD 10 inch, in whichever color would go best with the rest of the metal..
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surprised to see 80 views, and no one has a comment..maybe chopping down a Ruger rifle stock, finishing an 80% receiver, using a TI trigger housing/Ruger BX trigger, and KIDD barrel as a base for a Charger style build isn't considered FrankenRuger enough....

thanks Indigo22 for the (y)...I will assume you're also 1 of the 2 votes as well
Well, I’m thinking If I was going to cut up a stock, a pink one would be it. I voted for the purple by the way.
I’d say black, silver or purple in that order of preference.

None of the other colors really “work” with pink IMO. I really don’t think the purple works well either but the 2 colors together remind me of cotton candy.
I must be living under a rock. I didn't even know 80% 10-22 recievers were a thing!
Those BX triggers, do they have the auto-bolt release function? I have a new charger and I'm not digging the plastic trigger housing.
Silver picks up the lighter pink stripes in the stock.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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