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Champion barrels for $89, any good?

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CDNN is advertising 18" blued bull barrels for $89, and fluted version for $99. looks like they have some stainless left as well. Not sure I need another barrel right now, but was wondering if any of you have experience with or insider knowledge of these barrels. They say "Champion manufacture" and claim Bentz match chambers. I know Champion is just a brand of (cheap) acessories and gun stuff, but who actually makes these barrels? The muzzle design is highly reminiscent of GM, but the finishing work seems a little poorer.
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Does a 16" Target Barrel make sense?

I'm not a bench rest shooter and don't really plan to do competitions. Range & Plinking maybe to 100 yards
But I want to do some upgrades to maximize accuracy.

Starting with a stock Carbine (Stainless)
First thing I plan is a trigger job, and after that some cleaning and polishing of inside receiver etc, considering a new barrel - so my questions:

1) Given my range / plinking shooting, does upgrading the barrel really make sense - will it improve accuracy enough to matter for my purposes.
2) If so, thinking I want a 16" Stainless target barrel - keeping it short as possible to minimize weight. I also have a longer LOP, so thinking 20" just puts too much weight out there to hold comfortably.
3)Lots of good $80 - $130 options for 18" Stainless barrels out there now, but don't see any deals on a 16". Will the 1" - 1.5" matter that much? Should i just grab a good deal now on 18" or am I missing a 16" option?

BY THE WAY - New York State means it has to be a non-threaded option. :(

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How do you attach your silencer? :confused:
Exactly - In NY you can't. It's even better, no 'thumb-hole' stocks either.

I'm also going to go the GM route, 16" Stainless per ILIKE1022's suggestion. That gives me what I want, a bit more than I wanted to spend, but I think this is one place it makes sense to do that.
Next they'll require you to have your thumbs removed in order to own a 10/22...
The equivalent of "gelded"...

The GM 16" Fluted Stainless arrived today, but I still don't have anything to attach it to. Hope in the next week to pick up a receiver/bolt/trigger group assembly, then stock & scope.
I have 3 of those 16.5" fluted blued barrels and all shoot exceptionally well. All love CCI sv and SK Pistol Match.
Off to Walmart for some CCI sv....
Here ya go.

Thanks, appreciate all the suggestions I get here - I like that folks have facts behind the opinions. My wallet however, is really not liking how much time i've been spending on this forum!:)
CCI Standard Velocity

I have 3 of those 16.5" fluted blued barrels and all shoot exceptionally well. All love CCI sv and SK Pistol Match.
When I search for CCI Standard Velocity I get some different hits. Their #0032 seems to be the ones you are talking about, but I also find #0035 that seem the same, and they don't show up on CCI site?
Some may disagree. But it shoots great in my Kidd and GM barrels. I get great groups with it quite often every trip to the range.
Well, considering all I have is Federal 40gr HV, copper plated, need to get to walmart.
I just keep buying it since my Walmart has plenty. I have bought about 3 more bricks since I took this.
Now I understand the shortage
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