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Champion barrels for $89, any good?

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CDNN is advertising 18" blued bull barrels for $89, and fluted version for $99. looks like they have some stainless left as well. Not sure I need another barrel right now, but was wondering if any of you have experience with or insider knowledge of these barrels. They say "Champion manufacture" and claim Bentz match chambers. I know Champion is just a brand of (cheap) acessories and gun stuff, but who actually makes these barrels? The muzzle design is highly reminiscent of GM, but the finishing work seems a little poorer.
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Well we know that Champion didn't make those barrels. I hear the Shooters Ridge barrels they sell on eBay for about the same price shoot very well.
I ended up getting a GM 20" fluted stainless. Couldn't afford the Kidd and got a great deal on the GM, so that's what I'm going with. I think it will be fine for my purposes.
That should tickle your fancy. GM for the money makes a barrel very close to Kidd. And for the money that is saying something. I have 5 Kidd and 4 GM. And I have ownned 2 more GM.
The equivalent of "gelded"...

The GM 16" Fluted Stainless arrived today, but I still don't have anything to attach it to. Hope in the next week to pick up a receiver/bolt/trigger group assembly, then stock & scope.
I have 3 of those 16.5" fluted blued barrels and all shoot exceptionally well. All love CCI sv and SK Pistol Match.
CCI Standard Velocity 1070fps 40gr lead round nose.
You want these. Best shooting ammo I know of for the price.


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Some may disagree. But it shoots great in my Kidd and GM barrels. I get great groups with it quite often every trip to the range.
I just keep buying it since my Walmart has plenty. I have bought about 3 more bricks since I took this.


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The next better ammo that cost about double is SK Pistol Match.
There is no shortage. Walmarts in my area have more 22 than they ever had. They even went to a no limit.
I've noticed that on RFC, many people have consistently good results from SK Standard +/Wolf Match Target and SK Rifle Match/Wolf Match Extra, while conversely some people have really good results from SK Pistol Match, and others have not-so-good results (I haven't seen any folks using SK Pistol Match Special).

For me, Std +/Match Target is pretty consistent and Rifle Match/Match Extra is better. Pistol Match hasn't worked out as well, but maybe that's lot related; but I still have 5 bricks sitting in my ammo cabinet :confused:.
What barrel you shooting it out of?
Why would you poke holes in a seemingly perfect interior wall?

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I should know better. Lol.
Well I have shot it in Suhl, Benchmark, Douglas, Kidd, and GM barrels and it has yet to not shoot tiny holes at 50yds.
Benchmark barrel on Suhl 150 bottom row are all 10 shots. You might want to get that GM sporter barrel checked out.


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That was yrs ago. The new SK Pistol Match is shooting just as good if not better. My Douglas barrel is tearing this new SK Pistol Match up. Loves it. Kidd barrels are real close.
I will add I know Lilja barrels love SK Pistol Match just ask Randy on here. CZ barrels also love it. Savage barrels and Marlin barrels do as well. I have yet like I said before found a good barrel that didn't shoot it well.
True to that. I have had some that didn't shoot as good as other lots. Maybe try a few boxes from another lot. Good luck. And I didn't mean to cut your barrel down.
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