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Champion barrels for $89, any good?

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CDNN is advertising 18" blued bull barrels for $89, and fluted version for $99. looks like they have some stainless left as well. Not sure I need another barrel right now, but was wondering if any of you have experience with or insider knowledge of these barrels. They say "Champion manufacture" and claim Bentz match chambers. I know Champion is just a brand of (cheap) acessories and gun stuff, but who actually makes these barrels? The muzzle design is highly reminiscent of GM, but the finishing work seems a little poorer.
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Doesn't appear those shooters ridge barrels are for sale anymore.

I'm debating between Champion, ER Shaw, and a Kidd ultra-light. Would love to have something that shoots consistently in the ballpark of .5".
Champion? I know nothing about that barrel... ER Shaw's I have some input.. not as good as GM's IMO and I have owned 3.. 1 however I sent to Que when he was re-chambering and it does shoot MOAish with decent ammo... ALL my herd of KID/KIDD barrels shoot sub-MOA and with a variety of ammo and always very consistent.... no need for high end ammo with KID barrels unless you intend to compete. ;) Pay more worry less... I have never regretted paying for anything with a KID/KIDD label.
Barrels are people too... some like Candy and some don't... feed them what they like after ya figure that out.
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