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Champion barrels for $89, any good?

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CDNN is advertising 18" blued bull barrels for $89, and fluted version for $99. looks like they have some stainless left as well. Not sure I need another barrel right now, but was wondering if any of you have experience with or insider knowledge of these barrels. They say "Champion manufacture" and claim Bentz match chambers. I know Champion is just a brand of (cheap) acessories and gun stuff, but who actually makes these barrels? The muzzle design is highly reminiscent of GM, but the finishing work seems a little poorer.
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Exactly - In NY you can't. It's even better, no 'thumb-hole' stocks either.
Next they'll require you to have your thumbs removed in order to own a 10/22...
Thanks, appreciate all the suggestions I get here - I like that folks have facts behind the opinions. My wallet however, is really not liking how much time i've been spending on this forum!:)
You can't be sure unless you've asked. It could be that you're wallet has been feeling a little bloated, and it happy it's shedding that extra weight.

PS. My suggestion is to not let anyone hear you talking to your wallet. It's bad enough if they know you're on RFC every waking moment. :coco:
Some of this stuff will rival good Eley.
I've noticed that on RFC, many people have consistently good results from SK Standard +/Wolf Match Target and SK Rifle Match/Wolf Match Extra, while conversely some people have really good results from SK Pistol Match, and others have not-so-good results (I haven't seen any folks using SK Pistol Match Special).

For me, Std +/Match Target is pretty consistent and Rifle Match/Match Extra is better. Pistol Match hasn't worked out as well, but maybe that's lot related; but I still have 5 bricks sitting in my ammo cabinet :confused:.
What barrel you shooting it out of?
I tried it in my 22" GM stainless fluted sporter. Compared 9 different types with TAC-22 and CCI SV on the low end and Midas + on the top end to see what the barrel liked. The Pistol Match ended up with performance on the lower 25% of the pack, but priced about in the middle of the pack.

I haven't got around to trying it with other barrels yet, so there's a chance it will do better, since every gun is different.
Benchmark barrel on Suhl 150 bottom row are all 10 shots. You might want to get that GM sporter barrel checked out.
Maybe you didn't read my post: "some people have really good results from SK Pistol Match, and others have not-so-good results". That's just my observation from reading RFC. Not questioning your results, or anyone else that's had good results with it. Common knowledge that each rifle has ammo it likes and doesn't.

Sorry I that I struck a nerve. No real need to defend your ammo, or attack my barrel, which shoots well with the ammo IT likes. I'm actually happy that CCI SV shoots better; saves me money. Great groups by the way.
Barrels are people too... some like Candy and some don't... feed them what they like after ya figure that out.
:D Mine likes McDonald's hamburgers. I tried feeding it a 16 oz T-bone, but it didn't like it as much. It did like the filet mignon, but fat chance if I'm going to feed it that every day!


Happy Meal

To me, not worth the 5x price difference. Sub $300 rifle, so I'm happy.
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