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Centering (approx.) position for point of impact

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When centering a scope's reticle (both vertical & horizontal) to the approx. center position
in anticipation of zeroing (sighting in) the scope, does it make any difference as to whether the vertical
adjustment is done prior to the horizontal or vice versa ?

I know there are other methods and devices for accomplishing this, but I am only interested in
if it preferable to do either the vertical or horizontal prior to the other.

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I've never bothered doing them in a particular order. I bore sight, sandbag the rifle, take the shot, hopefully it hits the paper, and then I adjust the scope to the hole.
if I did it right....only one or two more shots and I'm done. If I was trying to do this at a long distance....I would pay more attention to the vertical.
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The most important thing is starting with the vertical reticle centered (horizontal adjustment) in it's range of adjustment and mounting the scope so it bisects the center of the bore.

Then, if bore sighting (by lazer or by eye), I set the vertical to be about an inch above the sighting bull (bore sight is straight line, without bullet drop). Then I'm ready to fire a sight in shot. Then adjust POA to meet POI.

Usually 2-3 shots is all that's needed to be zeroed. I let the gun cool for a bit, and then confirm that I'm done. Not too complicated.
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