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If you are referring to the Charles Daley mini mauser, it's a nice, accurate gun. Drawbacks are: only one manufacturere makes a scope mount for it, aluminum not steel; the bolt handle only clears the scope by about a quarter inch; the bolt doesn't cam the cartridge from the chamber like most mauser actions but instead uses a spring loaded button on the bolt shroud to push the bolt rearward. Works OK so far but it makes chambering a round difficult against the tension of the spring and the bolt has a tendency to bind. Quick second shots are not its forte.
Minor points: the polyurethane finish is so thick you can't tell what type of wood is under there and it partly fills the checkering. Very good polish and bluing and it has a hinged magazine floorplate. The action is definately mini, about the length of a .22 rimfire, although thicker. It's actually shorter than my Rem 581.
Considering what other small bolt action .223s go for, I think it's a good deal. I got mine discounted to $520 thru the Charles Daley web site. Delivery was very prompt, less than a week.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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