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CDL Left Hand .223

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I am sure many of you have been wondering where to find a Remington CDL left handed .223 since it has been shown on the 2005 Remington web site. I got tired of calling around to all the distributers with no one having any in stock so I wrote direct to Remington and the answer is posted below:

"Thank you for visiting Remington Country! We certainly appreciate you taking the time to write in with your question. The CDL in 223 in Left Hand will go into production mid-third quarter (July, Aug. Sept.) and will be available at the very end of the third quarter or the beginning of the fourth quarter (Oct, Nov, Dec)."

All well,
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Browning said the same things about the LH .223 Micro-Hunter for over a year. Finally a few slipped through the cracks and then Browning dropped them from the catalog.

I rank the LH CDL .223 with the LH .223 Micro-Hunter and the Savage LH .260 Remingtons. Good ideas all, but very seldom seen.

I got jerked around for 8 months waiting on a LH Model 16 Savage in .260 Rem. Savage had them in the catalog and my dealer took a deposit from me to order one. Eight months later and several calls and lies later Savage said..."Oh sorry we don't offer that anymore". :shakehead

M'bogo (Still grumpy:mad: )

As a follow up I called a buddy who is a gunsmith for GANDER MOUNTAIN and ask if they had any info on the new CDL Left Handed .223. He got on the computer and said that there were 11 on order. I guess that is for the whole Gander Mountain system but I don't know. All I know is I want one and have been waiting for Remington to put out the .222/223 bolt face left handed sporters since the 700 came out circa 1962.

What does anyone think about the left hand mini mauser 223,
A true short action that looks very promising.
actions ,barreled actions and complete guns are available
today. With stainless versions coming soon.
I wish I went that route instead of buying a 700 VSLH just for the action,
Then added a jewel trigger,Dakota bottom metal, Mcmillan Stock,
pac-nor barrel, Darrell Holland ringmounts and a Leupold VXlll 4.5-14.
It took 2 years to build and I would rather not try to figure how much I spent.
Even at dealer cost!!!!
I have had a 243 Cdl on order since 1-2-05, remington told me then 1st quarter. Oh Well!
If you are referring to the Charles Daley mini mauser, it's a nice, accurate gun. Drawbacks are: only one manufacturere makes a scope mount for it, aluminum not steel; the bolt handle only clears the scope by about a quarter inch; the bolt doesn't cam the cartridge from the chamber like most mauser actions but instead uses a spring loaded button on the bolt shroud to push the bolt rearward. Works OK so far but it makes chambering a round difficult against the tension of the spring and the bolt has a tendency to bind. Quick second shots are not its forte.
Minor points: the polyurethane finish is so thick you can't tell what type of wood is under there and it partly fills the checkering. Very good polish and bluing and it has a hinged magazine floorplate. The action is definately mini, about the length of a .22 rimfire, although thicker. It's actually shorter than my Rem 581.
Considering what other small bolt action .223s go for, I think it's a good deal. I got mine discounted to $520 thru the Charles Daley web site. Delivery was very prompt, less than a week.
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Left hand Mini Mauser

Actually there is a steel mount for it, cause I got one. The mount I got mounted is made by Control inc from Seguine Texas.
Here is a pic of the rifle and mount go to post #8

The bolt is configuration is similar to a Sako bolt, That's what the Daly write up states. When new the bolt is pretty rough and needs polishing in its ways.
I found the rifle to be accurate on a PD hunt.

When scoping with a variable be sure that your variable ring has no projections cause it gets in the way of the bolt. all in all its a nice little rifle
and its a lefty.

S/SP :)
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Speaking of polishing actions, I need some guidance on how to do it and what to use. Any help out there?
Here at last...

My gunshop called and said the .223 CDL Left Hand is here at last.
Of course he messed up and called my home phone instead of my cell phone as I asked him to do. So my dear wife took the call and now knows what I'm up to. He is going to have to cut his price by al least an extra $20.00 for his mess up.

I'll report back in a couple of days as to fit and finsh etc.

.223 Report Left handed CDL

First factory and handloads were not good at all. The gun looked well finished but would not shoot. I had a friend glass it and float the barrel. Then I had a little better luck but not much better. I thought the new Nikon 5.5 to 16.5 Monarch might be the problem so I took it off and put on an old Leupold 3x9. I also tried some IMR 3031 with the 50 grain Hornady SX and BINGO! Three shots touching at 100 yards. Several times. It appears 3031 is the powder of choice. I've just put the Nikon back on and will find out if the scope was the problem or if I just hadn't hit the right load combo. It looks like this is going to be one sweet shooting gun.

Update on .223

Well I'v had enough time at the range over the last few days to tell you the LH CDL is one FINE shooting gun. The 5.5 -16.5 Nikon was not the problem. Finding the right seating depth and powder was the hold up. With a clean cold barrel the first two shots will touch at 100 yards. The third may move about .5 inch away but the group of three will fit well under a quarter which is close to an inch. The best load so far is the Hornandy 50 grain SX with IMR 3031 at the max book loading of 25 grains. Winchester primers and brass.The best of all is the first two shots will be where they need to be and not way off to the side of the target. In other words, I know where the first and second shots will be on the target.
I had to give $649.00 out the door for the rifle with tax included. I know that price could be beaten if you can get one for wholesale.
The CDL stock is a beauty although there is no figure in the wood. Gun sits on the bags well and has just turned out to be a real delight. I'm glad that the quality of Remington seems to be on the way back... at least this gun appears to built as it should be.
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Just ain't natural...

Southpaws shouldn't be allowed to shoot. Just kidding. :p
Southpaws shouldn't be allowed to shoot. Just kidding. :p
Better watch out, the southpaws will fill up your PM box, and then start an email campaign. :D
There are more SOUTH PAW "bolt action shooters" than North Paw.

.223 CDL again

This gun still continues to amaze me. I'v been using 26 of W748 which is the max load in the Winchester loading book. With CCI 450 mag small rifle primers I am getting groups of 7 to 10 shots at one hundred yards that can be covered with a dime. The odd thing is that instead of the groups becoming more open as the barrel heats up they seem to stay the same. Very unusual for me to have a rifle that won't loose its ability to keep small groups as the barrel gets hot. One thing though is a 40 grain Nosler BT will not group better than about 1.5 inches with the several powders I've used. It seems the best bullet so far is still the Hornady 50 SX and that is OK by me because they are not as pricey as the plastic tip offerings from Sierra, Hornandy and Nosler.
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