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Really disappointed on this one! They shoot VERY accurately in both my Anschutz 1416 and my Remington 581, BUT.......................they are EXTREMELY difficult to chamber in both guns. So much so, that on several occasions they would NOT chamber at all, period. I had to give away the rest of the box to the "range master" as they were doing me no good. That bullet shape and length used, just seems to be a little "too much" for the chamber dimensions of my 2 rifles. Anyone else have this problem too?

On the positive side, I was sure happy to find out about the great quality of Wolf Match Target. It worked superbly in my 2 guns, and was only $3 for a box of 50 and I can easily justify that for it's consistent accuracy. Not all that much more than CCI at all. Also, the CCI Standard Velocity works pretty darned good in most of my guns too.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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