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CCI Stingers and Bentz chamber

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So what happens when these two things converge? Will they simply not chamber? Pressure issues? What?
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My Midway (Adams & Bennett) barrel will not chamber Stingers too.
MKIII and TC Contender barrel, no sweat.
Well, I was just asking why they say not to do it, thats all.
I'm by no means a Stinger expert, since I think I've only ever had one or two boxes of them in my life..
but, I believe they say to stay away from using the Stinger rounds with the tighter/shortee chambers because loaded rounds will not eject properly, and jamming the longer rounds into the leading edge of the rifling on the slightly shorter chamber can cause pressure spikes which could result in a split or blown out case when fired
Well, I was just asking why they say not to do it, thats all.
Kinda like your mom telling to wait an hour after youve eaten before you go back in the pool.👍
Well first I wouldn't use a bentz chamber were it free. But that's me. I shoot stingers out of revolvers regularly and can say I have had some very nice results. Especially on jacks.
There are other high/ultra velocity cartridges that will work in a Bentz chamber. Why the desire or need for Stinger's?
The OP didn’t state that he wants to use them, he just asked what would happen and why not. smh.

Well, I was just asking why they say not to do it, thats all.

All my Bentz chambered barrels state, by the manufacturer, not to use Stingers.
With that said, all my Bentz chambered barrels, with the exception of one, will chamber a CCI Stinger without forcing the round into the chamber, and the round falls out with only gravity. Go figure. The one barrel that is about 1/32” shy of fully seating/chambering a CCI Stinger is my POS Ruger Target barrel tomato plant stake. (POS in this case does not mean Point Of Service).
I follow manufacturers’ statements of suitable 22LR ammunition.
Probably because the Bentz chamber was reamed too deep.
I don't see any risk of damaging the barrel. The .22 is a heeled bullet and the lead bullet is what will engage the rifling. I believe that the admonishment to not use stingers is the remote possibility that you will have an OOB accident in a semi auto rifle that might have a tight chamber. I've used stingers to shoot rabbits with my Marlin 39A and there is zero damage to the barrel and they are remarkably accurate in that particular rifle.
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