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CCI Mini Mag +V

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I picked up a few boxes of these Mini Mag +V at a Galyan's this week. The guy behind the counter told me that they stopped making this round because the velocitor has taken over in it's place. I haven't ever seen these before and I am just wondering how you liked them.
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never heard of a mini mag +v only a maxi mag +v
I haven`t been able to find them for quite a while now..unfortunately :(
I sure did like them though!
Mini Mag +V

I just bought a box of Mini Mag +V today at the gun show ($3.45). The seller had 3 or 4 boxes. I had never seen them before either, and thought I'd give them a try. Didn't know they were a truncated cone, and not a hollow-point, until I opened the box a few minutes ago. Did a search on the forum to find out somethiing about them and came across this thread. The box I have has what I believe is (maybe) the product code number (not the lot number) on the label. It is 0054. :cool:
I tried them out today and I just couldn't get them to group at all. It's like they had a mind of their own.:( I guess I can put them on the shelf with the other plinkin ammo.
I've got about 15 boxes of the Mini- mag +V. I like 'em. They hit cans hard!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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