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CCI GoldDot HP

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I tried the 50 grain GoldDot ammo again at 50 yards and couldn't even hit the sheet of paper.:( I only fired 10 rounds and from what I could tell they were all over the place. I even had one hit about 2 feet in front of the target, dust and dirt flew into the air. I am using a Marlin 882SSV rifle. Anybody else have these problems with their Marlin magnums?
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Good outa mine!?

I shoot a Marlin 25 mn and mine really likes this load. Shooting around .80 at 50 yds. Going over a friends F-1 Chrony about 1425 fps on a 40 deg day at 6000 feet elevation. Use these to shoot 'yotes, and when I run out of TNT's, on P-dogs. My rifle has always liked this round. :) Works good on shots under 120 yards or so... after that it looks like they start to tumble. Maybe something to do with air density/resistance?:confused:
How's it do with the 30gr CCI "TNT"?
They shoot great out of my 25MN. Same day as mentioned earlier shot three different 7 shot groups. Chrony averaged 2150 fps and largest group was .80 at 50 yards. Tended to group 5 in a little hole and have two fliers that opened it up. Hope this helps.
Side note

A little off track here...Where do you buy your 22 wmr ammo from? Only had one place here in town that sold the TNT's and he didn't sell enough so discontinued stocking them. Looks like the cheapest I can find them online is at midsouth or nathces. Anywhere else?
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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