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CCI GoldDot HP

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I tried the 50 grain GoldDot ammo again at 50 yards and couldn't even hit the sheet of paper.:( I only fired 10 rounds and from what I could tell they were all over the place. I even had one hit about 2 feet in front of the target, dust and dirt flew into the air. I am using a Marlin 882SSV rifle. Anybody else have these problems with their Marlin magnums?
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I have 25 mn. Almost the same gun and 50 gr. bullets don't shoot worth a darn in my gun. They shoot a foot under at 25 yds. When my gun is sighted in with Supremes at 50 yds. They didn't group very well either. If your shots all over I'm betting the bullets are tumbling in the air.
1 - 1 of 17 Posts
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