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CCI GoldDot HP

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I tried the 50 grain GoldDot ammo again at 50 yards and couldn't even hit the sheet of paper.:( I only fired 10 rounds and from what I could tell they were all over the place. I even had one hit about 2 feet in front of the target, dust and dirt flew into the air. I am using a Marlin 882SSV rifle. Anybody else have these problems with their Marlin magnums?
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I've shot these 22wmr heavy weights in the 25mn.
@ 50 yards with decent accuracy, interesting "thwapp", don't think i'd want to be on the receiving end.
@ 75-80 yards they tend to drift about 1" on me right or left.
@ 100+ yards forget it, would not pull the trigger with these rounds loaded on anything over 50 ish yards.

just my 50 grain cents.
ski said:
... Does the .22WMR Marlin have that "Micro-Groove" rifling?...
"you are correct sir!"

mmmm micro-grove
1 - 2 of 17 Posts
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