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CCI GoldDot HP

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I tried the 50 grain GoldDot ammo again at 50 yards and couldn't even hit the sheet of paper.:( I only fired 10 rounds and from what I could tell they were all over the place. I even had one hit about 2 feet in front of the target, dust and dirt flew into the air. I am using a Marlin 882SSV rifle. Anybody else have these problems with their Marlin magnums?
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I would be happy to get that half inch nine shot group with the GoldDots any day. I won't be using anymore until I buy a different magnum.
The TNT's shoot between a .5 and .75 inch group normally if I don't get any bad flyers. The rifle will do a little better with the Winchester Supreme's. I don't use the mag to much for target shooting, mostly a critter getter.:D It's more than accurate enouph for it's intended purpose. Gotta love the TNT's and Supreme's.:t
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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