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Carver stock and stripped receiver

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Hi guys. I just put one of mine back together after stripping the receiver and barrel band and getting some carving done on the stock and front grip. It is an eye popper! I don't know how to post photos. It really turned out great! I sent it to a guy in Arizona for the carving. He put coyote tracks and a coyote head on the stock and fore grip. Guy named Jose Valencia that I found out about in a post on this website. PM me if you want to contact him and I'll give his info. Mine is the carbine length with an octagon barrel. I polished the receiver to a chrome finish and put Sharkhide on it to prevent oxidation. It's used on pontoon boats. Works perfect. If there's a thread on here about posting photos please let me know. I'm not real good on a computer, so I hope it's easy. :)
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The easiest place for photo hosting I've found is this site (which is associated with Photobucket)...http://tinypic.com/.

Just click on the link and it'll ask what pic on your hard drive you want to upload. You'll have the chance to resize the photo (I suggest 800x600), then click "Upload Now". It will then ask you to type in some words displayed on the screen. When the upload is done, just copy the "IMG Code for Forums & Message Boards" in the 2nd yellow box and paste that value directly into the text of your message. EZ peazy, lemon squeezy. :bthumb:

Looking forward to seeing how your project turned out.

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