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Can't Believe I Let This One Get Away - 541-S

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Went to the Arkansas Gun& Cartridge Collectors Club gun show today in Little Rock. After looking through almost the entire show, probably 800-1000 tables, and not finding much of interest, way back in one corner, a guy had a single table with perhaps a dozen riles. One really stuck out and I picked it up to take a look. A 541-S, not pristine but in darn nice shape, at least 90% or better. Fondled it for a while, then set it back down to consider the price $299.95. Wife asked, "is it a good deal"? I said "Hell yes!" but while I was thinking about finances (counting pennies), a fellow walked up, took one look at the rifle, and went for his wallet so fast I think he almost tore his pocket off getting the money out. That's about the third or fourth rifle in the last year or so that I've missed because of procrastination/indecision:mad: . My Darlin' Wife then had to go and remind me of the others. I guess "he who hesitates is lost" or loses anyway:rolleyes: . I'll keep looking but somehow these kind of deals seldom come around again, darn, drat, rats, etc.
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L.R. Show:


Was at same show. Excellent turnout Sat.

Sorry you missed such a good deal. One table had an absolutely beautiful 514 Rem. SS for $150. Sounds high, but the factory stock was a fantastically figured piece of walnut. Almost went back up there today to get it, if it was still there. But as I recently bought a Win. 52B (Miroku) I forced myself not to.

Mac 1.
I missed a deal on Browning Low Wall in .223 the same way. Dealer gave me price and I was standing there thinking I didn't have that much cash with me. A guy walks up with a new but cheap .45 auto and offers the dealer a hundred and the pistol and walks away with it! It even had a very nice 6.5 x 20 Simmons 44 mag. scope on it! I had several guns with I could have traded but just took a bit to long considering ......:(
I went to gun shop and the old man was going to close shop and retire. I was allowed to look around at his personal guns. There it was a Rem 541 T with Boy Scouts of America rolled on the bbl.
I asked how much? $65.00 he said. I passed it up. I still have trouble sleeping over that one.
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