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Can You Compare These Rifles?

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Sold a 10/22mag several years ago, a little too soon I see. But it was a problem rifle with poor accuracy to boot. I want to replace it with a new lever action 22 mag. Can anyone comment on the accuracy of the Henry versus the Ruger lever guns?
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I have the 17" 1:14 twist GM barrel in 22MAG on it most of the time (ported), and I will commonly switch to HMR or HM2, or 17 Aguila, or rarely the 1:9 twist 22lr barrel. I have bedded it and spiffed the trigger pull a lot, but the bottom line is that no Henry is going to outshoot it in any of its top three accurate calibers unless the Henry has had some breathing done to it, and even then it will never be nearly as versatile, the Model 96 can switch to any of the common rimfires in just a few minutes.:)
skeeter nailed this one... the 96mag has gotta be the most versitile action out there for rimfires.....

the 96's benefit from bedding, ditchin the barrel band, and floatin the barrel just as much as the 10/22's do.... and the barrels will swap for 10/22 barrels, if they have the 2nd extractor cut....

my 18" volq stainless bull in 17hm2 is the most accurate on my action, with the green mountain .17hmr 22" blued octagon runnin a close 2nd.... i get slightly better groups out of my 10/22 with all of my .22lr barrels (volq and walther) but i'm sure it's more technique than anything else...

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