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Can You Compare These Rifles?

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Sold a 10/22mag several years ago, a little too soon I see. But it was a problem rifle with poor accuracy to boot. I want to replace it with a new lever action 22 mag. Can anyone comment on the accuracy of the Henry versus the Ruger lever guns?
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I have shot several Henry 22lr levers and one of their Big Boy offerings in 45lc and all of them were accurate enough to hunt with for sure. Never put them on paper, just plinkin' cans and varmint type critters mostly. Granted they aren't an Anschutz target rifle, but for general plinkin' and huntin' use they do the job just fine.

I have yet to know a Henry owner that couldn't best a 4" group at 40yrds, regardless of caliber...don't suppose the shooter has anything to do with accuracy do ya? :eek:

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