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Can the standard gold dot front sight be replaced with fiber optic?

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I'm very much wanting a new 10/22, preferably a Take Down Backpacker, which already has fiber optic sights. But they seem like they would be even more difficult to come by than a standard 10/22 right now. So if I got a regular 10/22 with the gold bead at the front, can that be replaced with a fiber optic?

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from Ruger you can get just the fiber optic replacement front sight blade for $20

or you can get the replacement set of fiber optic sight for $20...yes you can get the set for the same price of just the front blade
Put thes on my td , but id need to remove the scpoe rail to use them


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You can make your 10-22 into a take down with an Archangel QBD stock. Warning the LOP is short. I put it together for my wife. I installed the Williams Ace in The Hole sights on the 10-22 in the QBD stock as anything other than the Ruger flip rear sight interferes with the barrel storage. The Ace will let you mount a scope or red dot.
If you use a grooved scope mount you can see the irons with the scope off. You can also get a see through scope mount (not rings) that will allow yo to see the sights.
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