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can crows see color?

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The only thing open right now is crow. Other than the color question, what other tactics do you suggest.
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 I dont know if they see color
or not(as we do) but I do know
if you can see a crow he can see
you.If you are not in a blind
or hidden pretty good.
 Crows are fun to hunt,with rifle.find a place where they
feed regular,set up a vantage
point and snipe a few.
 Remove the ones you shoot and
dont overshoot an area.Crows
learn quick,shoot to much they
Try to have several places to
hunt and rotate them.
 Even with a rifle it wise to
wear camo and stay hidden.
Be sure of what is behind your
target,the best place to get is
on a ridge with dead trees in
the bottom below. Look for places
like this where you hunt,they are
there.No shooting up in trees,bullet
coming down somwhere,hope nothing
is under it.

Have fun!!!!!!

Goodluck & Goodshootin.
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I dont know about seeing color, but they can see a gun barrel from a mile away ;D
Below I put a good site for you to try, can learn alot about crows there. I dont think they can see color, but like other animals & birds they do see movement and your face very well.

The only thing open is crows, I feel your pain.  
As far as I know a crow does not have a full view of color such as a human.  I would believe that they prolly have better eye sight (as in color wise) than most animals.  
Camo it up.  Anything and everything.  I have seen people in blue jeans and a black t-shirt get lots of shootin in.  And I have seen people camo head to ankle and those crows can pick them out from a mile away.  
Crows are dumb but they arent stupid.  I have walked out of the house started the truck walked, back to the house, went inside loaded the gun and walked back out casual like I was leaving with the gun over my shoulder, and there gone the second they can see that barrel over the shoulder.  
A good long range cf can do the job, but usually one kill and you wont shoot another there for months.  I have friends that put road kill deer in front of the thier house to try to bait them in.  Once a year he will kill one or two.  Shoot and kill one and the rest wont come near for a long time.  Shotgun is the same, turn a tape caller on and shoot some and they wont come to a crow in distress call again.  A crow is ever shot at out of a vehical and a vehical slows down within 500yards of them and they will fly.
Just my .02 worth.

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 Well you got some ideas,now
go out and have some fun hunting.
 Just remember you are not
hunting Super Crow they can be
had,but they are as weary as any
game you will hunt.
 Shotgun with call is fun,but
rifle hunting is more sport.
You wont get as many crows though.So get out there and learn
as you go,the crows will teach
you what works and what doesnt.

Goodluck & Goodshootin.
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Ive heard that crows are so smart that if you split their tounge, you can teach them to talk out of both sides of their mouth at the same time ! :-*
I dont know if crows can see color but believe they have x-ray vision......they can see guns in cars, homes etc, also are great phyics or mind readers....hearing is fantastic also.....they seem to know whats going on at all times.......kinda like most wives.....bawhahaha
A resounding YES

All birds see in color. Some have "enhanced" night vision, some have "enhanced" ultra-violet vision... but they all see colors...and much the same as we do.
Thats one reason I dont like hunter orange...but the safety aspect overrules the need to be hidden...
Finally its has been resolved :)  Im with Kid  they must have some XRAY stuff going on.  :p
 Up in the sky,is it a bird,
is it a pla.....why yes it is
a bird, a big black bird.
 Its... its.. SUPER CROW !!!!!!
;D  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D   ;D

8)  8)

Goodluck & Goodshootin.
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