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While thumbing through GPC's catalog I discovered a milspec ,22 headspace guage for a reasonable $13.40 so I ordered one. Received it yesterday packed in 1980 according to military specifications and including a Department of the Army "Gage Record" form with "Required Dimensions" and pencilled in "Actual size dimensions" on the form, love it, put me right back in the Navy some 30 years ago when I used to deal with this stuff --- but I digress.

The gage itself, packed inside a sealed envelope had a little rust on it which cleaned on quickly with oil and 0000 steel wool. It's a "Field" guage which means that it's dimensions are a little more lenient than a no-go guage. Thought I would try it in some of my civilian bolt action .22's and was surprised to discover that the bolt's closed quite easy on it, even with some on my newer little used .22's.

Moved over to my "Martial" US Property marked .22's and found that the bolt (properly) would not close, except my Winchester 52D, which it did (barely) close on. It will take a while to check all of my .22's, but was wondering if anyone had any experience using a field guage on semi-auto .22's? On centerfire semi's you remove the firing pin and action spring and operate the bolt by hand, time consuming.

I use one on most all of my center fires newly aquired by me before shooting them. GPC's order number on the .22 guage is 281700 if anyone's interested.
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