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BX1 clear Magazine help

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I installed the magazine with some dummy rounds and the rifle is feeding and ejecting properly but the magazine will not eject. I pull the lever on the kidd trigger and verified that it is working just the magazine doesn't fall. It seems as if maybe the magazine is a tight fit. Is this normal?
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i have noticed that the clear 10 round magazines are a little fatter than the black ones. i have had a little trouble getting my clear ones out and my black ones seem to fall free.

for the time being i am going to stick to the factory black ones and not buy any more of the clear. but that's just me.

other may have different experience.

you can shave down your mag its self. or sand down the inside of the mag well. similar experiance with my archangel kit.. some mags dropped fine, (other brand) ones didnt.
None of my 3 clear mags will fall free from the rifle. Like mentioned above they are slightly thicker and get hung up on the inside of the stock. I know all I would have to do is sand off a bit of the wood but it's not that big of a deal so I just leave it alone. Mine just need a tap of my finger to let them fall in my hand.
I had this problem, fixed by laying 600 grit sandpaper on a piece of flat machined aluminum and then sanding each side of the mag for about 20 seconds. Drops free just like the black ones.:bthumb:
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