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Buying a new .22

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I am new to this site, but I think it is great! Shooting and hunting in Mexico is very diferent than in the USA, buying a gun is a pain staking and time consuming task. The ammo available is very limited brand wise, it is made locally and the quality is very poor. Based on this is where my problem starts, I own a 10/22 used basically for targert shooting but it gets jammed 2 or 3 times out of 10 shots. I am planning to buy a bolt action, based on the knowledge that bolt actions are more forgiving when you have severe changes in power form round to round (mexican ammo).
I zeroed down to Kimber HS, Anschutz and Cooper, even open to other options. My question is, you shooters outthere, what de you think would be the best option.
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I would go Anschutz, Cooper, Kimber in order of preference. However, unless you have ammo equivalant to the rifle, these may be overkill on the wallet. If the ammo is inconsistant, a $2000 dollar rifle will not shoot any better than a $150 dollar one. If money is no object enjoy a finely machined piece of rifle art :D . Otherwise you may do just as well with one of the Marlin or Savage bolts.
Addict makes a good point in that there's no reason to shell out large amounts of cash for a fine rifle if decent ammo is not available. I would consider any of the CZ, Marlin or Savage bolt-actions as better options. All will shoot well with a variety of ammo, and all are from well established companies so parts will be available. Another good choice is the Magtech 122.2 if you can find one. It's basically a Brazilian Remington and mine shoots really well with PMC Zappers--made in Mexico.

On that subject, I've found the Mexican PMC .22 ammo to be really good. Maybe they export the good stuff and keep the cr*p for the home market.

Sorry to hear that buying a rifle in Mexico is such a pain. I've always known that the gun laws there were strict (and I live in California). Hope we've been able to help and please let us know what you find.
Thanks for the advise.......... Anschutz what model?
Now that I have been browsing this site and seen so many problems with Kimber I will consider the other 2.
Mark, as you say they probalbly make PMC and export it since there is no such ammo here.

I have been very pleased with Aguila .22 ammo,it shows to be made in Cuernavaca, Mor. Mexico. I shot a whole brick with no failures.
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