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Buttpad extension

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I'm new to the forum so if this thread is in the wrong place, my apologizes.

Is there some kind of buttpad extension that will fit on a 10/22 with the synthetic stock? The ones I've seen from the aftermarket are for wood stocks only.

I plan on getting a Butler Creek stock with the folding bipod in the future, but for now, the OEM Ruger stock is fine, it just could be a little longer.

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Buttpad extender

Thanks. I've shot my brother's 10/22 with the BC stock, but his also has the bull barrel and a compensator, and seems to be pretty accurate. With him shooting it anyway, I'm not so good yet.

I'm new at gun ownership, although my brother and I shoot often, I always use his guns. This is my first firearm of any kind and what a blast it is to shoot this. Even though he has an AR, SKS, Mini-30, Hi-Point 9mm Carbine, assorted shotguns, NEF 45/70 and 5 pistols. from a 22 Mountain Eagle to a custom 1911, the 10/22 is the most fun to shoot of all of them.

So far I've gotten a Bushnell's scope from my brother, another Ruger mag, a Hot Lips mag, a double muzzle brake (for looks more than anything else), quick mag release, a Wilson's SHOK-BUFF and some other assorted sundries, and my funds don't allow for a new stock at this time, but the Ruger stock is OK with me, I just wish it were a little longer.
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