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Bushmaster carbon 22lr

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I have been shooting the new Bushmaster 22lr. very impressive and accurate.
I still have problems with malfunctions as far as jambing..I think the extracter is in need of a new design. It appears that is made OK but is not consistant and
will not always function 100% all the time. Bushmaster seems to have also
used the Rem. 597 10 shot magazine body in thier 22lr design. It utilizes the
alum. body and plastic follower but with a stronger coil spring rather than the Rem ova spring. It is hused in a plastic box type body that will fit the typical M-16 mag well and is sturdy and works well. The new Bushmaster 22lr upper
receiver will fir on any mil-spec lower unit. You can also buy it complete for
additional $$. I'm going to contact Bushmater about the extracter and will
get back later with more info.. thanks for reading and comments.....
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I have used the Ceiner conversion kit in a .223 Bushmaster rifle and it was very ammo sensitive. The PMC zapper solid tips worked the best for me and I noticed since a .22lr gets dirty often, it would jam some after 50-75 rounds. Cleaning it made the jamming go away. A friend of mine told me to use only copper plated tips in these types of guns including your Bushmaster because lead bullets would be soft and sometimes make jamming alittle more easier to happen.
If you can buy a new Remington or Ruger for $150 why can't someone make an AR-15 upper for about the same?
Ascot500 said:
If you can buy a new Remington or Ruger for $150 why can't someone make an AR-15 upper for about the same?
Because they will never SELL in the quantities that the Rem or Ruger will (Walmart, etc.)

I've seen the CZ units advertised for under $300. That's prolly about as close as you're gonna get.
I would think that the demand is there. I mean, just think of how many AR-15 varieties are already out there.
If the economics are sufficient to support as many manufacturers as there are now......

Of course I am not a marketeer, so what do I know?
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