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Enjoying a Henry mug of coffee after dinner and thought of the excellent "Range Report" SleazyRider did on the Henry Mug. So I had to revive this wonderful post. I have several of these wonderful mugs! Thanks again to SleazyRider. Here is his Range Report on the Henry Mug :bthumb:

Though I am hardly qualified to provide an authoritative report on even the simplest of firearms, as a connoisseur of hot chocolate, I am eminently qualified to provide the following review of the venerable Henry HM001 Campfire Mug, which was gifted to me by my children this Christmas past. Everything about this mug is sturdy and generously proportioned, from its 4-inch diameter base to its comfortable 3-finger sized handle. It is a simple, straightforward design that evokes memories of familys gathering around a blazing fireplace on snowy winter nights, or hunkering down in one's favorite easy chair with a fist full of coffee and a warm pair of slippers.

The exterior surfaces of the mug and handle are speckled in black and white, with the Henry logo emblazoned on one side and "Load On Sunday, Shoot All Week Long" on the other. The rim is finished in black, in stark contrast to the pure white surfaces of the interior, which affords quick and easy inspection of the mug for fouling after cleaning and before each use. In this reviewer's humble opinion, the mug possesses a certain understated elegance all its own.

Two types of instant hot chocolate were used for this trial: Nestle's "Chocolatey Memories," and Swiss Miss (without marshmallows). It is important to note that one package of instant hot chocolate contains enough powder for 6 ounces of water. Since this mug holds 12 ounces, two packets of chocolate powder are required for one serving---at least, a man-sized serving. The 15-ounce capacity that Henry claims for this mug, while being technically correct, will result in hot chocolate spilled all over the table and kitchen floor. As a practical matter, the capacity of this mug is 12 ounces. I am in the habit of using about 2/3 hot water, stirring, then adding milk for the final third and re-stirring. A generous quantity of whip cream adds flair and flavor to the mix.

I found that the mug handled extremely well for a vessel this size, easy to pick up and easy to set down. No need to extend one's pinky high in the air such as with a dainty fine china tea cup; there's nothing dainty about this mug. Get a good grip on it and keep your pinky where it belongs---under the handle. And talk about pleasing to the lips, the curvature of the rim is remarkably comfortable regardless of whether you are a sipper or a chugger.

One does not have to own a Henry rifle to enjoy this mug, nor confine one's use of it to hot chocolate. Though I am not a coffee drinker, I oftentimes enjoy my morning cup of tea in my Henry mug, and find it perfect for serving cereal in lieu of a bowl. It works equally well for chili or venison stew, two of my favorite winter meals. Heck, if I were a bachelor, I think this versatile mug would be my only piece of dinnerware in the house.

The Henry mug is available directly from Henry at http://www.henryrepeating.com/accessories.cfm . At $10.95, it may be the best money you'll ever spend on a firearm accessory.

Respectfully submitted by SleazyRider.

Also, if you have a favorite recipe for "real" hot chocolate, why not post it here?
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