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Bullet Performance

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I did a penetration test the other day with Winchester Supreme 34 gr JHP and CCI Maxi-Mag 40 gr JHP. I set up 2 pieces of 2"x6" boards about 1 foot apart and shot each round from 35 yrds. I wanted to see which bullet passed through the farthest and what kind of exit hole each made. I was surprised to find that each one passed through both boards and even more surprised to see that each had the same diameter exit hole. I would have thought that the Winchester Supreme 34 gr would have come apart without penetrating the second board. The exit holes looked the same on both boards. The temperature was about 15 degrees. Could the cold temperature have made the lead so hard that they failed to expand? Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks
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Hard objects (boards) don't seem to expand bullets the way soft tissue or duct seal, or modeling clay does. Try a media of wet news papers (saturated) stacked in a cardboard box.

OK, thanks....how many (inches thick) would you suggest for the newspapers?
We've did this before and used a paper box that 8-1/2"x 11' copier paper came in. We soaked the papers in a tub to saturate them--fold the paper in half and it's a fit for the box--then stack them into the box tightly. It'd probably work just as well to take a string and bind them together if a box wasn't handy. I'd suggest at least 12'' thick of saturated papers to contain the bullets--but the news paper need to be completely saturated with water--much like a paper towel you just soaked up a cup of spilt coffee with. That's a little vague I know, but it'll work, and everyone's got old news papers to get rid of.:D
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