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Buler Creek's 25 Round HELP

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Dose anyone know how sturdy the 25 Round Butler Creek Magazines are?
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They are sturdy for being plastic and I haven't had one fall apart but they will eventually wear out.
They seem alright in the durability department. They are a bear when you first get them and require alot of patience. If you pick one up, shoot it with hot cheap crap loads to break it in and expect to have to fiddle with it alot for the first several hundred rounds. Once the break in period is over, they function beautifully. I think that they have given me less problems than the eagle clips that I owned 10 years ago.
Both the HOT LIPS and the STEEL LIPS magazines are good quality magazines.

Both require a 'break-in' period though. I've found that they take around 200 to 300 rounds through them to get them to work perfectly.

Once they are broken in, you should not have any problems with them.

They are very durable, and should last you thousands, if not tens of thousands of rounds.

The HOT LIPS will wear out more quickly than the STEEL LIPS though due to the plastic feed lips. The plastic will deform after a time making the magazine useless. I've already gone through two HOT LIPS magazines that I just completely wore out.

The STEEL LIPS should not ever wear out as the lips are made of stainless steel. The STEEL LIPS seem to work a bit better than the HOT LIPS as well.

I recommend the STEEL LIPS as they are more durable. They cost a bit more, but it is worth it I think!

Good Shooting!
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Steel Lips

Do they make a Steel Lips 25 Round Magazine? So the Steel Lips are sturdier than the Hot Lips?
yes. its more expensive, but they make them.

Hey El- whatever, with all do respect, do you know where I can find them?

P.S. Your Location is (The City of The Dead)?
They sell them at Gander Mountain. You're in TX and we have them all over, they just opened a bunch of them. Go to Gander Mountain.com and find one close to you, or you can try the mail order places like CDNN and such, but I don't know who has the best price on them. Figure about $26 each, which is sad since they were $10 before the ban.

And yes, that's a good description of this TX town.
I've still got a bunch of 1993 production Hot Lips, with thousands of rounds through the three I actually used.
I drug one out to test against one of the new ones I have, and they both cycled very well. :t
One of the 1993 models finally developed a small crack in the housing at the front near the top, but it doesn't affect performance, and considering how these mags have been treated over the years it shouldn't even still be in one piece! :p

Bottom line; don'r run over it with your truck, but don't feel like you have to baby it either! :D

FWIW! ;) - Dakotan
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