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Having only recently bought a 452 FS 22Mag., I didn't realize CZ was changing over to the new receiver with interchageable barrels from what I read etc. Their previous 22 semiauto which I thought I would buy also was changed into something I have no desire for. I had bought a BRNO ZKM 611 about nine years ago for three hundred, new, from my local gun store which deals in collector rifles and upscale models also, now out of business. The 611 had been there a year according to the owner and the price reflected his desire to get it off the shelf. People are right, most gun folk I know up until recently weren't familar with CZ and BRNO. Now with the 452 one of the best bolt action rimfire receivers for the money and the CZ and BRNO semiautos in 22 l.r. and 22 Mag. gone. CZ is I believe making a big mistake. It is like they have gone American in a way, thinking they need to make a big change in receivers to stay modern. I made a stupid mistake selling the 611 thnking it would stay around and now am glad I got a 452 FS while they can be found. Talking about the 452 22 Mag FS, why is it that the 454 American reciever is used, for this model. Know the answer must be obvious but can't think of it.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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