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I invited the Pastor of my church over Friday to see my little Remington .22 collection and go do some plinking. He says he's got a new .22 he wants to sight in, so he brings it along.

Before I open my safe I ask to see his "new .22". He pulls out a mint Remington 572 Lightweight in Buckskin Tan. It doesn't have a scratch on it... perfect condition. He doesn't realize it's anything unusual, although he'd wondered about the color.

He said his Dad recently gave it to him, and that as far as he knew his Dad always had it since he was a kid. He didn't recall his Dad ever firing it though!

After I showed him my 572 LW in Crow Wing Black, and explained what it was and how old it might be, we checked the bbl code... turns out to be mfg 05/1958 which is the same month and year he (my Pastor) was born!!!:bthumb:

He said his Dad didn't mention it being anything special, and didn't make a big deal about giving it to him this year FOR HIS 50TH BIRTHDAY. His Dad just hadn't used it, and knew Pastor Ken had an interest in firearms, and so passed it along.

WOW!!! I think it's a big deal. It's a beautiful and unusual rifle in outstanding condition that shares his "born on date"!

After I explained the possibilty of leaving it unfired, we took it and my nickle-plated M12C to the range and put a few standard velocity shorts and some CB's through 'em!

That was a GREAT DAY!!!:D

Regards, Glenn
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