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Buckmark hunter problem

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When I fire my Buckmark, the clip drops out. it does this 90% of the time. I've tried other clips and they do the same thing.
Any one know of a fix other than sending it back to Browning?
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I guess the search function must be broken! :D

Here's a link to a thread with the information you need:

Have you had the grip panels off? If so, you may not have the spring for the mag latch seated in its depression in the frame correctly, or the grip panel could be loose, so that there is no tension on the spring. if neither, carefully remove grip panel, remove mag latch and spring, and inspect latch where it locks into the magazines notch. I had an older buck with the plastic catch that was worn badly so that it would not hold securely. Regards. :)
I took off the cocobolo grip (right side) Every thing looked okay. I put the gun back together and went outside and fired a shot into the ground. gun jams and clip backs out about a half an inch.
I'm going to give browning a call in the morning, and see what they say.

Thanks for yall help,
I didn't need to call browning! I've got it fixed.
Thanks for the help, it was a slide issue.
Could you elaborate on the slide problem? The information is useful to others who may be having the same problem.

I didn't need to call browning! I've got it fixed.
Thanks for the help, it was a slide issue.
How did you fix it .
Well, when I started to take the slide off, the two allen head screws holding on the top of the slide were loose.
I torqued them down, went outside and emptied a clip with no problems.
I loaded my other clip and it emptied without any problems.

Problem solved.

I guess that would be a first check when a clip wants to fall out.
I don't like the way those allen screws tighten..they go down and just stop, that doesn't feel just right..I'll have to check them on every outing.

Sorry about taking so long to reply, Saturday was 50 yard benchrest day!
Thanks I checked mine and the rear screw was loose.
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