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Buck mark Yeehaaa

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Shot the bullseye today,and I love it!!
Havn't shot a pistol in ten years I feel I did ok!
Using the winchester bulk I kept them all in the 7-8 ring majority 8 ring, factory sight (25yd slow fire pistol target)
At 25yd. At 12yd same target 7in the x ring 2 in 10ring 1 in the 9 ring. My nine year old was blasting cans at the 12yd line like there was no tomorrow.
Hope to get a scope on it soon to see how I do.:D
How is that for accuracy open sight?:confused:
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Sounds real good to me!

Glad you like it. Now you just have to buy one of the VQ 14" carbon fiber barrels, put an 8 power pistol scope on it, and shoot it at 100 yards! ;)

Well, even if you keep it stock, it's a great gun. I need to get a second one.
No offense as I know many have bought the 14" barrel for their pistol its just not for me.
But I am thinking about their buckmark rifle how accurate are they?

I havn't gotten one yet. :( Gotta save for a while to buy that one. Several people on this site have them, maybe someone will speak up and give group size at 50 & 100 Yds?
Buckmark Rifle

I have the target rifle. I love it! Mine is in its stock configuration. I usually shoot with a Holosight, but I decided to give it a go in the online matches. I put a 36x BSA on it and tried it out. I did not adjust the trigger, and I did not test different ammo. If memory serves me, I shot around 210 @ 25 yds. The wind was about 18 mph and it was getting dark. In the hour before, I posted a 243 with cheap ammo in my tricked out 10/22. The Buckmark needs some trigger work, and the bolt face needs to be trued. I plan on doing some of that this next week and trying it again.

With the Holosight, my friends and I enjoy shooting skeet (midis) off a trap. On an average day I am about 15-20% with it. My rife is much more capable than the poor sap jerking the trigger.:(
My version (Target) was unimpressive in the accuracy department. Groups at 50 yards rarely stayed under 2" and depending on the ammo grew a lot bigger than that. I also found the powder spray from certain cartridges to be disconcerting when it peppered your face.

When wondering about the group sizes and whether there was a problem with the rifle I went back to the magazine review that had spoken quite highly of the rifle. The article had mentioned 1" or smaller groups but when I read the fine print the shooting was done at 25 YARDS!!!! Always read the fine print and don't trust gun magazine reviews.

The good news about the Buckmark rifle is that it is so cool looking finding a buyer wasn't a problem.
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