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Buck Mark Camper

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I wanted a 22 autoloader handgun. I looked at the 45/22 and the browning Buck Mark Camper. I liked the grip more on the browning so that’s the one I bought. I took it out to my property in the foothills and it shot like a top, not on failure of any kind.

My question is I don't see a lot of people suggesting the camper. Is this because it is not much to look at (I just wanted an accurate field gun) or am I going to want more in the future.

I have not had the chance to shoot groups with the gun yet but I was able to hit clay pigeons at 25 yards without much effort.


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I just wanted make sure that the higher end Brownings did not have features that I would be missing in a field gun (outside of finish). It worked great no matter what ammo I threw at it. Mainly Winchester and Federal Walmart bulk ammo.

If I wanted to put a red dot scpoe on my Camper. What scope would be the best for shooting up to 50 yards. And is the b-square a good scope mount choice. I would like to keep the scope and mount under $300.

Thanks agian

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