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Bubba worked on a Sharpshooter

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I picked up a fairly clean Sharpshooter from a dealers table and while checking it happened to pull the slide back. Low and behold Bubba had a mag. that the lips must have been bent too much and the rounds had been hitting the bottom of the chamber. Bubba then filed the bottom of the chamber making him a ramp so said Sharpshooter would not jam. I simply hate to see these old guns damaged ........:( Hope it don't wind up on Gun Broker or Auction Arms.
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what's the problem

So this shade-tree gunsmith reduced the gun's value as a collector's item.
How does it shoot?
I've done the same procedure to a couple of my guns.
I'm thinking about doing it next week to a Green Mountain barrel on my 10/22.
What's wrong with making the hole a little wider and smoother on one side where the bullets rub as they feed in?
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