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BSA Platinum Japan or China?

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I would like to buy a fixed power 36x BSA Platinum target scope. Found them a couple places online. Are all of the 36x Platinums made in Japan or was some of them made in China?
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The ones currently for sale by Midway are Chinese, but they aren't bad for their cost
Thanks BobD

Midway was one of them I was looking at. Anybody know if the ones at Sportsmans Guide are Chinese?
Any new BSA's you find anywhere (for the past couple of years or so anyway) will almost certainly be Chinese. I have one of the old Jap 36X BSA scopes & can't really tell much difference in it & my Weaver T36. From what I hear, that is not the case with most of the Chinese versions.............
Thanks Claybuster. I was hoping that was not the case but had a good idea the Japan models would be gone. I did manage to find a Platinum Four Star 24x fixed power Made In Japan for $70.00 new in the box with sunshades and covers. Still holding out for a Japan 36x for a few days, if I don't find one reasonable looks like I will settle for the 24x. ohioruger
Where did you find the 24x for $70? Midway has the BSA Platinum 24x44 listed for $99.95. I contacted them, and they insist it is a japanese model.

Mind sharing where you found a better price on a confirmed japanese model?
P-L-E-A-S-E? :) :D :)

I found it at a local sporting goods store, about an hour drive from my house. They are selling out all the BSA scopes in their inventory for 40% off. I would love to have a Leupold or Weaver 36x but my budget is telling me to go buy the BSA 24x tomorrow :) ohioruger

They wouldn't happened to have any japanese made variables, would they??? I'd really love to have a BSA Platinum or Contender 6-24x44. If so, I'd love to work a deal out with ya.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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