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Browning Buckmark Issue

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Just bought a Browning Buckmark in stainless. The gun is very very accurate, has a great trigger, but has a problem...

After the 10th round, the magazine never locks the slide open (Note that after the 10th round, I can pull the slide back, and it will lock). Also, after the 10th round, the magazine will sometimes fall out.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? :)

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First, a note on the URX grips. For me it's much easier to remove the right side first and when replacing them start with the left side.

The slide not locking back - As you know, there's a small lever on the left side that locks the slide back. Here's a picture of how it should be installed. My guess is that something is interfering with the upward movement of the lever. It could be the grip, gunk that binds it, or perhaps the little leg of that hairpin-shaped spring is rubbing on the grip. In the pic you can see that mine rubs on the grip where the bluing is rubbed off. If it rubs too hard it could slow the rising of the lever. If that's the case it explains why the slide will lock when manually operated. When a fired round operates the slide the "dwell time" when the slide is at the rearmost position is short and wouldn't give a sticky lever enough time to pop up before it heads forward again:

Mag falling - The mag is held in the gun by the way the mag button locks into the notch on the mag. The parts should be arranged as in the pic below. There could be a few different things that would cause the problem. First thing to check is that the parts are all in place, especially the "T"-shaped flat spring. This keeps pressure on the button to keep the shank of the button engaged with the slot in the mag. Another thing is the button itself. A burr may be keeping the button from fully engaging in the mag's slot. Grips can also cause a problem if they interfere with the button's movement. With no mag installed, the spring should make the button solidly bottom out to the left. When you insert a mag it should force the button to the right, then allow the button to click to the left and lock the mag in place. If it doesn't work that way you need to find the culprit.............chim

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