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Brooks trigger kit

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after installing the Brooks trigger kit in my American and my trainer which I
considered at the time as safe I have change my mind and have taken the
tubes out and just went with lighter springs. Both guns would be ok when
I worked the bolt fast and put the safety on and off. They would even be ok
with the drop test a couple of times. My American for some reason stopped
cocking all together so I took the tube out and it is ok but with a lot of creep.
I started to think about my trainer so I took it to my work bench and found
that if I hit the bottom of the stock 4 or 5 times with a rubber mallet that the
firing pin would release. I didn't have to hit it all that hard either. I ended up
taking that tube out also. My question is has anyone found a slightly smaller
tube that might give just a little more engagment for the sear. Both guns now
have quite a bit of creep and would like to use a smaller tube to help in this
area. I have E-mailed Eric but have not heard back yet. Comments would be
appriciated. I started to think that I am 65 years old and have four sons that
when something does happen to me that they won't have what might be an
unsafe rifle. I was thinking of drilling out the hole for the trigger pin and putting in a larger pin maybe from the shank of a drill bit. Your thoughts.
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Wait for a reply from Eric or send another email. He does have thinner walled tubes available. Neither of the tubes in the kit worked in my rifle, so I ended up buying another couple of thinner walled ones from Eric. I'm sure he will come up with the goods.

The problems of trying to make a kit to suit all rifles I guess.

Cheers, JD

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I sincerely believe that if you knew Eric you would realize how "out of line" your little offhand comment was. He makes fine products at a reasonable price and is an A-1 kind of guy. He has recently improved one of his products( trigger kit ) at no additional cost, by including a broader selection of anti-creep tubes. Sending those out at no charge to anyone who has ever bought a kit from him in the past is an unreasonable request, IMHO.

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I too had to not use the tubes in the kit. I eventually bought the adjustable sear. If adjusted for near zero creep a hard bump will set it off too.

Having just completed the AGI Trigger Job course my guess is that the sear angles are wrong. A safe trigger cams the hammer back or moves the striker back against their respective springs when the trigger is pulled. So the mechanism for release has to overcome the spring pressure not just the sliding friction of the mated surfaces. According to the AGI instructor the sear angles must first be changed to get the camming action (absolute minimal, but detectable to the eye or the finger). Then the sear can be stoned so that the rear portion of the engagement area is not touching the surface. You can get engagements of 0.025 inches but the sear only has to move perhaps 0.012 inches before it falls off the edge during the trigger pull. This is similar to the trigger work done by Colt prior to about 1970 and the instructor called it the Modified Colt method.

I just did a trigger job on a 10/22. I like the Volquartsen trigger kit which is a real drop-in with excellent results but the 10/22 owner didn't want to spend any money (I'm his father-in-law so the labor was free) so I applied the newly learned technique. It was most important to him to not have creep. I got the creep entirely out. I reduced the spring pressure as well and got a hunting trigger weight of 4.0 lbs with NO creep. And it is a safe trigger that can not be bumped. The sear was also lubricated. With even more reduced spring weights the pull could be lower than the 4 lbs I got. It's all in the AGI DVD.


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OldSwede said:

I sincerely believe that if you knew Eric you would realize how "out of line" your little offhand comment was.
You are right, I don't know Mr. Brooks. Therefore, my question in response to the post, which I may have misunderstood. It sounded as if the guy bought a kit, it didn't work, and something additional needed to be purchased to make it work as it was supposed to. Now I know that was not accurate, and plan to buy a trigger kit. Good enough?
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