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broken ejector 1022 (replacement wanted)

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A buddy I work with broke his ejector so any suggestions? anyone want to donate one? thought maybe you had one laying around after a mod? If not how much is one thought I'd pick it up for him.:D
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10/22 Ejector


You should note that the "ejector" [B-8] only is used when the rifle is fired without the BX-1 magazine in place......! ! :eek:

At all other times, the left magazine feed lip is the 'ejector'; note the raised portion at the rear of the left lip....! ! ;)

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Re: See......! !

BigMike said:

I'd better put $100. on a Lottery ticket......! ! :D
Just a dollar, is all it will take, one winning ticket will do me.:D

I got your email Larebow. I'll send it out tomorrow. Andy:)
Also, you should join, it doesn't get any better than right here at RFC. :D
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