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After getting my Mod. 4 last week and enjoying it so much, I decided to spring for a Mod. 3 as well. I am glad I did as I think I like it even better!

I've taken a few photos for those of you who are wondering about the differences between the two, as well as those who are wondering "what others are getting." While they are very similar, I find the major differences are: stock shape, triggerguard shape, ejection port design, safety design, and trigger.

The trigger is better in the Mod. 4, although both are outstanding. Sights are identical. Actions are the same and are like oiled glass. The bolt from the Mod. 3 will work in either rifle, while the Mod. 4 bolt will not lock up in the Mod. 3. Likewise, Mod. 3's mag works in either rifle, while Mod. 4's does not.

Both rifles were missing sight parts- both apertures, and the elevation lockdown on the Mod. 3. Standard apertures do fit and I have borrowed one. I'm not sure what I will do about the missing lockdown. That sight is very loose. I do have an alternate set of sights (rear leaf type) that a kind gentleman from rimfirecentral.com sent to me.

Accuracy has not been great in either rifle. Both seem to turn in approx. 1" groups at 50yds (sandbag rest, no wind) with most types of ammo. I attribute this to a very large (borrowed) rear aperture, and my not being used to the front 'ring' insert. I do have a post insert now, but have yet to try it outdoors. I expect accuracy to get a lot better. For now, the best group I have fired is below, using the Mod. 3 and 5rds of Lapua Multi-Match. The target is a B-2 (50' pistol) and the group measures just over 1/2".

Enjoy the photos and feel free to post questions.

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